Security Articles

Work remotely, stay secure—guidance for CISOs

As more employees work remotely, they also use more chat applications, shared documents, and conference calls. They might not be thinking about cyberattacks—but they are a real concern. Access this article and learn more about what organizations can do to help reduce cybersecurity risk. Contact Route22 Limited for more information.

3 ways you can ensure secure, productive remote work for your nonprofit

Secure work is productive work. With the right technology approach, you can protect data, devices, and applications, minimize the impact of security on your staff, and simplify IT. Access this infographic to learn three ways to ensure secure and productive remote work for your nonprofit. Contact Route22 Limited for more information.

Three important information security predictions for 2020

74 percent of businesses have already witnessed the cybersecurity skills gap take a toll on their bottom line. As such, it’s critical that organizations seek alternatives to compensate for the lack of #cybersecurity professionals that are needed to keep them secure. Read this article to learn more about this and other key cybersecurity predictions for 2020.

Securing your remote workers

Nonprofits are shifting to virtual interactions as a way to keep their organizations safe and continue to accelerate their mission during the pandemic. Security is always a primary goal, and with this new way of working, it’s more important than ever. This guide aims to show how you can use your existing Microsoft 365 investment to secure your organization where it needs it most.


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