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Securely harness the power of the cloud with Azure Advanced Threat Protection

Thanks to #Azure Advanced Threat Protection, you can be confident in your security. @Microsoft invests more than USD $1 billion annually on cybersecurity research and development. Review this infographic and be confident in your security. Connect with Route22 Limited for more information.

Protect yourself from email threats

Email remains the biggest threat to our safety online. You should never click links in emails unless you are entirely sure of where they will take you. Even though I am very aware of the dangers, in unguarded moments, I have inadvertently clicked malicious links. I...

Security intelligent infographic

Need intelligent security solutions to protect your entire organisation? Look no further than @Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection, #AzureSecurity, and #Azure Sentinel. To learn more about Microsoft’s four key areas of intelligent security, check out the infographic below.

Security Solution Overview

With @Microsoft #AdvancedThreatProtection, #AzureSecurity, and #AzureSentinel you can reduce the number of security vendors you manage and safeguard your organisation, without sacrificing productivity. Together they form a complete, intelligent solution that helps secure corporate data and protect against bad actors, while taking advantage of the transformative opportunities presented by cloud computing. Watch the video to learn more.


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