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6 risks and opportunities of the intelligent, connected cloud

Within three years, 43 percent of the global workforce will become mobile, making the need for reliable and scalable cloud-based security a crucial one. In this infographic, you’ll gain insights into the #opportunities and #risks that businesses encounter when moving to the intelligent business #cloud.

El Rio Health serves clients more securely with Microsoft’s cloud-based tools

Too many nonprofits have acquired individual security-enhancing tools over time, presenting IT staff with navigation challenges. Play this video to learn how a healthcare organization utilized Microsoft 365 with the E5 security bundle to secure the protection and collaboration it needed to drive success. Contact Route22 Limited for more information.

IKEA empowers and engages its Firstline Coworkers with Microsoft Teams to support more great days of serving customers

IKEA looked to improve retail coworkers’ engagement and incorporate more environmentally conscious business practices. Watch this video to find out how they deployed Microsoft 365 to all 166,000 coworkers in order to support its sustainability efforts.

Enhance and automate the way you communicate with your customers. Learn more about bot integration for Microsoft Teams.

Knowing about your customer’s issues before a call or meeting can make the difference between keeping them satisfied or losing a contract. Follow Route22 Limited to learn how you can leverage #MicrosoftTeams, #AI, and #Bots to infuse your client-facing teams with the power of digital transformation.


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