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‘Quality is never an accident, it is always the result of intelligent effort’ — John Ruskin

Combined with the other services we provide, we often supply, or advise on, equipment and software. This has resulted in the formation of relationships with various suppliers and the knowledge we gain puts us in a good position to supply the best equipment or software for your needs at very reasonable prices. Being a small services firm means that we are not interested in supplying you with inappropriate products for your needs. We consider any sale to be an important part of our relationship with you and so it is in our interests to ensure that you gain good value and that we are there to help after the sale as well as before it.

As computers, tablets and mobile phones  become more and more integrated with the Internet, protection against malware and hackers takes on a greater importance.

At Route22 we are constantly thinking about security issues and assessing which products provide the best protection, have least impact on performance, are least obtrusive and easiest for end users.

One of our favourite suppliers of computer protection software are Panda Security.

Productivity software is application software used for producing information. Its names arose from the fact that it increases productivity, especially of individual office workers, from typists to knowledge workers, although its scope is now wider than that. Wikipedia

Route22 offers the full range of Microsoft 365 tools, including Microsoft Office. We can also help with the supply and installation of free alternatives such as 

We can advise on suitable systems for personal or office use, and supply them to you configured and ready to use.

We can provide physical servers or virtual machines (VM). The VMs can be installed on your own hardware or already running in the cloud. Our cloud offerings can be a fully configured fixed price VM or a pay by use service such as Microsoft Azure.

We are able to advise on and supply routers, wifi access points, hardware firewalls, switches and other networking devices and help you to set up or maintain your network.


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