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Securing the hybrid cloud with Azure Security Center and Azure Sentinel

Infrastructure security for organizations managing workloads on-premises, in the cloud, or hybrid remains vitally important. In this blog, learn about a few key #Microsoft #Azure security capabilities and how they work together to provide layers of protection.

Azure Sentinel

Better address your SIEM landscape challenges and simplify GDPR concerns with #Microsoft Azure Sentinel. Contact Route22 Limited for more information!

Quick start guide to Azure Sentinel

Interested in understanding the importance of security for nonprofit organizations? #Microsoft developed #Azure Sentinel, a fully-cloud native SIEM designed to meet the major aspects of security operations. Access this quick start guide and contact Route22 Limited to learn more!

RapidDeploy helps first responders defend public safety with Azure Sentinel

Searching for a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system to enhance resilience against cyberattacks? RapidDeploy was inquiring, too, and they found their answer with #Microsoft Azure Sentinel, one of the world’s first cloud-native SIEM systems. Play this video! For more information, contact Route22 Limited.

Azure Sentinel

Azure Sentinel

Azure Sentinel  is intelligent security analytics for your entire enterprise.  Collect data, detect threats,...


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