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Internet Services

InternetWe can register domain names for you and set up hosting for your web site. If your website was built using WordPress, we will host it with service providers who specialise in WordPress hosting and are among the best in their field worldwide. We provide email addresses with various types of mailbox including: Microsoft Exchange, POP3, IMAP and mail forwarders, plus advanced email features including spam/virus protection & Microsoft Exchange.

There are a variety of ways to connect to the Internet and we can help you with this. Whether you want to use the BT Openreach network, cable, mobile, or satellite, we can advise you and help to get you up and running. There is a confusing range of Internet service providers (ISPs) who provide broadband services over the BT Openreach network; we can help you to get the best deal for your needs.

There is an increasing range of services becoming available over the Internet, including web browsing, email, remote backup and voice over IP (VOIP). We can work with you to get the maximum benefit from all of these services, and more.

We can tailor a hosting package to your precise requirements or your can take one of our standard value for money plans


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