Preparing for Email Communication Changes in 2024

by | 5th Dec 2023 | Security, website management, WWW | 0 comments

Email communication has played an essential role in businesses all over the world for years. Companies, big or small, use email to communicate with prospective and existing customers, as well as their suppliers and partners. However, as we are approaching 2024, some significant changes are on the horizon that businesses must take heed of. Internet giants Google and Yahoo are both implementing authentication requirements and spam prevention changes that will come into effect in February 2024. As a SOHO business owner, this blog post will help you understand and prepare for these impending changes.

The changes that Google and Yahoo are making will require senders to authenticate their emails properly using Domain Verification, DKIM, and DMARC protocols. These requirements ensure that email users can trust the origin of the emails they receive. Domain Verification is the process of linking an email address to your domain name, and once this procedure gets completed, Google and Yahoo will recognize your domain name as a legitimate sender. DKIM and DMARC are advanced authentication protocols that businesses will need to implement on their email servers to protect their email deliverability and reputation.

The benefits of implementing DKIM and DMARC authentication protocols on your email system are immense. Firstly, DMARC facilitates the detection and prevention of email spoofing. Thus, businesses will protect their email recipients from receiving emails that look like they are from a legitimate source but are, in fact from bad actors. Secondly, implementing these protocols will increase your email deliverability rate, since mailbox providers tend to favor legitimate senders. Lastly, the implementation of these protocols enhances marketing email features such as email open rates, click-through rates and spam filtration.

At Route22, we understand how these impending changes are significant for SOHO businesses. We can advise you on how to improve the protection of your email deliverability, reputation, and brand image. We can help you ensure that email activity that is sent from your domain will have a SPF record that helps prevent spammers from using your domain to send malicious emails representing your brand. 


It is imperative to ensure that you do not encounter any issues when these changes occur. The authentication of your email account will not only protect your email recipients and your reputation but, it will also improve your deliverability and the overall engagement with your marketing emails. Avoid waiting until 2024 to take these critical steps. Contact us at Route22, and we will discuss your present situation and walk you through every step of the process and explain everything you need to know in a concise and straightforward manner. With our expert assistance, you can rest assured that your business email communication will be up-to-date and operating reliably, well in advance of the 2024 industry changes.

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