Route22 Limited

‘Quality is never an accident, it is always the result of intelligent effort’ — John Ruskin
The Fairfield Halls, CroydonIf you’re a small business in Croydon and you need some support for your computer systems, you’ll want to use a Croydon IT support firm that can reach you quickly and where the same experienced personnel get to know your systems and build a long term relationship so that they can immediately get on with sorting out the problem without spending an age familiarising themselves with your particular environment on each visit. IT support often requires the engineer to gain access to secure data and parts of your system, often including passwords. For this reason it is essential to build a relationship with your IT Support provider and this can best be achieved through a local firm.

Route22 is based in Caterham, in the CR3 postal area and we can get to any part of Croydon very quickly. Paul Hooper, the proprietor and chief engineer at Route22 was born in Croydon, in South Norwood, and has never given up his links with the borough. We are actively involved in the Croydon business community and are members of the London Chamber of Commerce and the local branch of the Federation of Small Businesses. We are a member of a number of Croydon business networking groups including Croydon Enterprise Plus, and the Croydon Referral eXchange (CRX). We understand the Croydon business environment and the needs of businesses in Croydon. We also take an active interest in other local technology initiatives and developments in the area.

Although technology enables many kinds of remote communication (and we use a range of these), there’s really no substitute for meeting face to face, so why not give us a call and we can meet locally over a coffee (or a beer), to discuss your particular requirements.


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