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Windows 10

Windows 10 desktopI recently bought a refurbished Lenovo laptop running Windows 7 Pro and, since I had not yet invested a great deal of time personalising this machine and adding lots of my data and software, it seemed like an ideal candidate to be my Windows 10 guinea pig.

Having taken a deep breath and clicked the little white Windows symbol that had appeared near the clock in the bottom right of my screen, I expected this to initiate the upgrade, but I just got back a message telling me I’d be informed when the upgrade was ready. After 3-4 days, I received a message to say this was now the case. So I clicked the button to start the upgrade.

After a few seconds of activity the screen displayed the message “working on it…” alongside a spinning timer. This all looked very positive and encouraging. After a couple of hours, I got bored of looking at the “working on it…” screen and checked to see whether anything was happening. Nothing was, so I rebooted and went to Windows update. This told me there’d been a failed attempt to update to Win10 this morning. I ran “Check for updates”, it rebooted and then the update appeared to be running smoothly, with nice progress screens; no stupid and misleading “working on it…” message.

After a quite sensible amount of time (probably around 45 minutes) the upgrade completed and I was presented with a nice display, not dissimilar to Windows 7; pretty good. A slight problem, there was no response to the keyboard or mouse. Never mind, these things happen. I pressed and held the on/off button and forced the computer to shut down. I turned it on again and everything worked fine. I like the new display, which is something between Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, I think I’m going to enjoy the experience and I think that even my clients whom I’m still trying to prise away from XP shouldn’t find the transition too painful.

I was excited to try Microsoft’s new web browser “Edge”, which comes with Windows 10 and is a replacement for Internet Explorer. Edge is a very impressive program with a really clean user interface and some excellent new features. I love the distraction free reading button, which hides adverts and unnecessary pictures making reading the web page content so much easier. I also particularly like the “Make a Web Note” button, which allows you to write and draw on the web page and share your annotations with someone else. Sadly, I will not be making a move from Firefox to Edge for a while for two reasons:-

  1. Microsoft have not yet opened up to add-on developers so I can’t use my excellent LastPass add-on, which manages my passwords and handles logging me in to secure websites.
  2. Microsoft appear to have completely overlooked the provision of any facility to manage favorites.

So overall, I can say that I’m pretty impressed with Windows 10 and I’m looking forward to using it on my laptop. I think I’ll hold on for a month or so though, before I take the plunge with my main desktop PC.

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