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Before you start

Most people who want a new website, begin with how they’d like the home page to look. This is not the right approach.

Before you consider the look of the home page, it is important to understand the aim and purpose of your website, and your organisation’s branding.

Once you are clear about these two things, you need to be clear about what content you require for your website. This should include the pictures, videos, and audio for the site as well as the text. Right at the beginning of deciding on your content, you need to work on a keyword strategy. This is an analysis task that will help you understand what your potential customers are interested in and how they will be searching for your business.

Once you have a clear idea about your branding and your content, you will be in a much better position to design a website that looks great and fulfils your business needs.

Leanardo da Vinci painting the Mona Lisa

First things first

Brand Concept. The meeting at the white office table.

Branding includes a lot more than just your logo, and there are a few basic pre-requisites that must be considered before anything else.

It is quite possible that you already have a “brand” that you are happy with and don’t want to change. This is fine, but make sure that you have a clear and consistent idea of just what your brand is. If you like, your brand is your organisation’s personality. This does include your logo and your colour scheme certainly, but most importantly, it should show exactly who you are, reflecting your ethos, interests, and priorities and be consistent across all aspects of communication.

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Multiple threads

Having determined the fundamentals of your organisation’s personality, you may now wish to consider progressing this project along several parallel paths. You might consider a branding specialist, a copywriter, a graphic designer, and SEO specialist, or you may feel ready to go straight to your web designer, but now you will have a solid foundation to create a website that will produce a return on your investment.

Here at Route22, we have the skills to cover all these things, but you will achieve an even more effective product if you have us manage a project working with some of the specialists mentioned above.


If you already have your branding sorted and you just want us to build you a website, our prices start at under one thousand pounds. However, if you choose to use the services of a branding specialist, we work with one of the best, and we can offer a range of branding packages to go with one of our websites. The prices below are in addition to our charges for building your website.

Branding Packages

Give your brand the boost it needs with our comprehensive brand packages, designed to help you build a strong and recognisable brand image across all platforms. Our team of experts will work with you to craft a custom brand that aligns with your business goals and connects with your audience.


Content isn’t purely text, but for most websites text is a major part of the content, and it is the part that most commonly provides the majority of the material that visitors and search engines use to discover you and what you do. We can help with sites that are not primarily textual, but that is not the subject of this document.

You may have copy of your own as content for your website. If you don’t, we can prepare copy for you, but employ a specialist copywriter if you can. We work with several excellent copywriters, and we can point you towards one who understands your business sector and who will be a good fit to work with you and with us.

Cartoon: Man with pencil adding content to screen

Whether you use a specialist copywriter, employ our services, or use your own copy, we can help you with keyword research and how to prepare a framework for your text that will steer you towards content that is less about the website owners and more about what you can do for the website visitor. This will be much more useful to you in helping people and search engines to find your website, and in converting visitors into customers or clients.

Spending an hour or two with us, preparing a web copy framework will provide you with a roadmap for completing the task of writing your website copy. It will also help you identify specific areas where you may wish to employ a specialist copywriter.

To create your web copy framework we will help you work through three worksheets:-

  • your unique value proposition worksheet
  • your benefits worksheet
  • your company story worksheet

This will give you a framework for your home page, about page and services page.

Specialist Copywriters

Copywriters will typically charge between £50 and £75 per hour. If you are starting from a framework that we’ve helped you prepare, or from your own prepared copy, a quick chat with the copywriter should enable you to agree an estimate of how much time will be needed.

You might want your copywriter to:-

Investigate your business and write content from scratch.
Your copywriter will work in the manner of a journalist, interviewing you and your colleagues, and undertaking research to discover the details about your organisation in order to produce content for your website that will attract visitors  and convert them into customers. This is likely to be a time consuming and therefore expensive option.
Polish up your proes.
If you have prepared content yourself, it may still be worthwhile to ask a professional copywriter to improve the writing style and make adjustments to the wording in order to improve its effectiveness for Internet searches.
Just write a couple of key SEO landing pages.
Specialist copywriters understand how search engines work. “Landing pages” are pages on your website that are build with the main intention of achieving a top ranking in the search engine results for a particular set of search phrases, and then converting these visitors into customers. Landing pages can be particularly effective when they are focused on a specific product or service, or when created as part of a marketing campaign.
Re-write certain pages for better conversion.
You may have elements of your site where you are getting plenty of visitors but these are not regularly converting into customers. A professional copywriter will often be able to re-word these parts of your website to encourage your visitors to take the next step.
Blog Posts
This is an area where copywriters can really earn their keep. Regular posting to a blog on your website has many benefits, and this is an area where copywriters often excel, because they enjoy this type of writing. If your website is regularly being updated with new and interesting posts about your organisation and what it’s up to, visitors will return again and again. What’s more, this is also one of the best ways to attract the search engine “bots” back regularly to your site. This will ensure that the Internet search indeces have up to date information about your site and rank it more highly. 

Having a clear focus on what you want from your copywriter will improve the end product, reduce the cost, and allow an accurate estimate.

Designing your Website

For our most budget conscious customers, we will use our design skills and the tools we have available, to jump straight in and build a prototype website based on an initial discussion and whatever materials and information that we are provided. This prototype will be presented to you, and we will review it together and make revisions as required.

For clients who have taken advantage of one of the Branding Packages mentioned earlier, we will use the brand sheet and digital assets from that phase to create a design for your approval.

Design in progressThere will be some clients who will prefer a more traditional design approach. In these cases, we will share mood boards, wireframe diagrams and mock-ups in order to agree a design prior to building the website.

We will design a site that will adapt and work well with screen sizes from the smallest smartphone to the largest public display screen.

Building your Website

We will keep you informed of progress during the build phase, and we will usually allow you to see and comment on work in progress, so there are no unwelcome surprises or concern that nothing seems to be happening.

Finishing Touches

Building a website is not just about creating a site that is beautiful, stable, and brings in new clients. There are some boring technical and legal aspects that we will deal with for you.

If your site collects any information about visitors (this could be as basic as a contact form or simple visitor analytics) you will need to comply with laws such as GDPR and its many equivalents in other countries. We use an amazing tool called , which not only ensures that you meet existing legal requirements, it also protects you as laws change over the years.

Accessibility is not only important for those with visual or other impairments, but it also greatly improves your site’s performance on the search engines and conversion rate. Showing that you care about this won’t do any harm to your corporate image either. We will design your site to be accessible and we will test this before the site goes live.

Any visitor interaction with your website or automated functionality will need to be built for stability and thoroughly test before it can be release onto your audience. We will carry out all necessary testing.

illustration depicts digital accessibility, access to websites, digital tools and technologies, by people with disabilities

You may want us to set up some email addresses connected to your website domain, or you may need us to make changes so that your existing email has the same domain as your website.

Display on various devices

Most people still think about a website displayed on a computer screen but nowadays, more people access the web using their mobile phones. This imposes different restrictions and enables additional benefits. We will always take this into account and ensure that your website looks and performs at its best no matter what device is being used.

If you already have a website, you will need to flip the new site in to replace the site that you already have. We can deal with this for you.

If you are replacing an existing site, we will carry out some behind-the-scenes activities to ensure that where search engines previously found pages from your old site, they will now find equivalent pages on your new site. If we don’t do this your rankings on the search engines could crash catastrophically.

If you don’t already have an Internet domain, we can register one for you, link it to suitable web hosting and help you create any email accounts that you may require.

Post Launch

We give our clients a two-week period to review the website and we will ask you for a snagging report so we can correct any issues. If you have identified any change requirements, we will draw up a list of these along with costs and we will agree an implementation schedule.

Ongoing Support and Hosting

Hosting is an essential service for your website. Our hosting plans use very high-quality reliable hosting services that are built to run the websites we build. Hosting starts at £120/year.

Your website will need to be managed and cared for throughout its life. We provide a range of care plans, starting at £20/month. Our care plans include monitoring your site to ensure it is always running as it should, regular backups, software updates, support for problems, content updates and marketing.

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