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‘Quality is never an accident, it is always the result of intelligent effort’ — John Ruskin

There’s more to Good web design than some people realise. Although many people assume that good web design is an art, this really is not the case. Good web design is much more to do with mathematics.

Vertical Rhythm

Everyone knows that web designers use different size fonts and white space to emphasise particular content but to look good this must be done mathematically.

The ratio of a top level heading to the main body text should not be random nor should the ratio of the text height to the vertical spacing of the line height.

If you have a different sized text in the main body to that in an aside column, these need to come together at regular intervals.

Golden Ratio

The relative widths of columns need to be in particular mathematical ratios, as do the spaces between them. These ratios can be defined using fairly complex mathematical formulae.

Responsive design

It’s complex enough creating a page that adheres to these rules but this becomes far more complex when handling the adjustments to layout and font size that are needed to cater for different devices and the user adjusting his Window size.

Aesthetics are important

Many of my clients think that these details are unimportant. But getting these ratios wrong causes the image to jar, even in the subconscious of the least artistic visitor and these subliminal negative messages can make that person less likely to return to the site, possibly even losing a sale.


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