The purpose of link building is to acquire links to your website. The number and quality of links has a great impact on search engine placement, link building is a key element of Search Engine Optimization.

Ways to build incoming links

Social & viral

Social & viral link building can be very effective, but can be difficult to get right. This works best for material that people want to know about. It does not work so well where you typically need to interrupt users to pay attention:
• Create material that people will find interesting for its own sake eg. blog articles, e-books, free tools, infographics, videos.
• Link to your content using social platforms, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. This makes your content available to people who want to know about it, via a platform which encourages it to be circulated by itself. Genrally, Instagram and Facebook work better for business to consumer (b2c) marketing, and LinkeIn is more for business to business (b2b) marketing. Instagram for younger adults and Facebook for the more mature demographic.
• Encourage blogs, forums and chatrooms to discuss and circulate your content.
• Add the facility for users to circulate your pages via share buttons, or “ShareThis” links.


• Submit the website to directories (free and paid).
• Submitting desirable material to leading websites for your industry or sector. A relevant link from sites that search engines already recognise as leaders in their field can be extremely valuable, and encourage more people to link to you.
• Submit Press Releases or other articles to local and national press websites, ensuring that they contain a link back to your site.
• Engaging in partnerships with other websites in your field to establish reciprocal links can be productive but can be dangerous as, if the search engines decide you are gaming the system, they may penalise your site, or even block it altogether.


Try to gather links to the most valuable pages within a website, not just your home page. There is no point linking to every page equally highly, or any positive emphasis will be lost.
If you have more than one website, link them to each other in an appropriate manner.
Include internal links between pages within your site. This will help users to navigate their way sensibly within your site, as well as helping the search engine to gain a picture of the relative importance of the individual pages an rank them appropriately.

Commercial link building services

Many firms offer commercial link building services. Many techniques for link building are frowned upon and some may even harm your website, or professional reputation, so exercise caution.
In particular, anyone offering volume links (“thousands of links for just £100”) should be avoided. The links will be, at best, worth nothing. Companies which will manually build links through reputable (‘white-hat’) means can be valuable.



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