Nearly all small business owners nowadays attend a number of networking groups, but very few believe they have the time to manage their own blog.
Most networking group meetings invite attendees to deliver a one minute pitch so, members of these groups need to prepare these presentations; often weekly. If they don’t spend some time preparing these one minute talks and varying them from week to week, they’re wasting the money spent on being a part of the group. Having prepared a presentation, how much extra effort would it take to add this to a blog? While you’re at it, how much further effort would it take to prepare a teaser with a link to the blog entry and publish that to twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, etc. In fact, why not use a tool like HootSuite, that will allow you to do all of this in one place? It’ll even allow you to schedule this to happen at the most effective time of day, or on a number of different days.
Then, for the icing on the cake, why not compile your weekly ‘One minutes’ and issue them in the form of a monthly email newsletter. With tools such as MailChimp or Constant Contact, this is much easier than you might think.
Don’t have the time to prepare your ‘One Minutes’? Keep a pocket reporter’s notepad or, better still, use OneNote or Evernote to make notes wherever you are, using your smartphone or tablet, ready for your next ‘one minute’.
Sitting on the train, or waiting at a client’s before a meeting need never be dead time again.

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