Business networking groups are a Godsend to small business owners. They give us an opportunity to mix with others in the same boat, to share ideas, and in the very best groups, such as CRX, to support each other in business and in our personal lives. Even in the best of times, it would be very easy, as a solopreneur, to become isolated and depressed, but that possibility is all the greater during this period of lockdown. Thankfully CRX has continued throughout, by using Zoom for our continuing Friday morning meetings, and WhatsApp groups for regular communication in between. Even the two recent Friday bank holidays failed to prevent us from getting together. We just started a little later and ran things in a less formal way than on “working” Fridays.

CRX Zoom meeting in progress

CRX meetings on Zoom don’t stop just because it’s a Bank Holiday, but things are a little more relaxed.

If you think CRX might work for you, sign-up for our newsletter at or drop us an email at If you’re not in a line of business that clashes with one of our existing members and your business is in the Croydon area, we’d love to have you join us to see how we get along, and then maybe you could join us.

During our meetings, we each spend a minute updating the other members on what’s been going on in our business during the preceding week and we let the other members know what business referrals we’d like to receive. Most weeks, one member gets to give a ten minute presentation on their business, but sometimes this is replaced with an educational slot, or small group discussions where we can ask other members for help or advice.

This week, in my minute, I was able to tell the other members about the work I had been doing on a number of websites including: a COVID-19 response centre, a site for the over 50s, a new development for an online music tutor, and possibly taking over and running a site for the group’s plumber John Leathem. I also talked about the Zoom and Teams meetings I’d attended both business and social.

Please take a look around my website focused on the World Wide Web(, and give me a call on +44 (0) 1883 370692.

Thank you to Ally Whitlock, our photographer, for the pictures.

Keep safe and well.



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