As a small business owner, I find business networking groups a great help, and I am delighted that one of my favourites, Croydon Enterprise plus is still thriving despite the COVID-19 Coronavirus lockdown. Meetings have not just carried on, they have doubled in frequency, to twice a month, and attendance is still good. Of course, we can no longer meet together in the same physical space but we have been able to use Zoom to meet in cyberspace. It is remarkable how quickly members overcame their fears and became relaxed in using the unfamiliar technology. The atmosphere at our virtual meetings is now just as it was at out real world meetings. If anyone would like to join our meetings but is nervous of the technology, I would be more than happy to set up a one to one taster Zoom meeting for you to get a feel before joining a larger group.

I am fortunate as I am able to carry on my business almost as before and I am able to help others to leverage the available technology to continue theirs, even if in a somewhat restricted way. As a provider of a wide range of “cloud” services and software (see my website, I can give businesses the means to work together even though the people are in dispersed locations with limited tech. I can also help users to make the most effective use of these tools to communicate and collaborate with team members and to provide a service to clients and customers.

Recently, I have been helping a firm to allow their employees to work from home to due to the Coronavirus and this has been so effective, they are now planning to make this a permanent arrangements, saving the considerable cost of renting a suite of offices.

Last year a number of my parish council clients, moved to Microsoft 365 in order to comply with GDPR. They are now finding that this enables councillors to continue working effectively through lockdown, and I have been spending time helping them to make good use of the collaborative working tools such as Sharepoint and particularly Teams.

The rapid increase in the use of the Internet for working from home has of course been a great attraction for fraudsters and other criminals, and I have been busy giving advice and supplying protection for businesses and individuals.

Please take a look around my website focused on cloud technology are remote working, and give me a call on +44 (0) 1883 370692.

Keep safe and well.



Stay alert. Control the virus. Save lives.
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