My one minute talk, given at CRX meeting on 28th November 2014

When I begin a web project, it is common for my client to want to discuss the design of the site: colours, logos, layout, etc. But, from a business perspective, the most important thing is not the design but the content: the message, the call to action, the personality of the organisation.
Next time you need to update your website, start with a simple document with all of the content that will be used to communicate with the user. Whether you write this yourself or you get a marketing or copywriting specialist to write it for you, do this first and while you are doing this, keep visual design out of the equation.
Creating the content first means that all the stakeholders can have an informed discussion about the main purpose of your website, and it gives your designer a much better basis for the design.
Structure and layout will accommodate the content rather than the content needing to be shoe-horned into a predefined layout. The tone of voice of the content will enable the designer to reflect this in the look and feel of the site. Visitors end up with a more cohesive and clear experience.
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