I went to Butlins with the grandkids last week. The kids loved it; including this big kid, but it did remind me of a few key points about Web design.

In nearly all cases it’s best to keep Web pages clear and uncluttered, without excessive “noise”.

If it’s too busy and noisy it’s likely to confuse the visitor and give them a headache.

Noise, whether it’s non – essential information,  or non-informative sounds, rarely add to the value of a Web page.  If you do decide to include sounds, make sure they can easily be turned off. Unexpected and uncontrollable sound can easily cause embarrassment or annoyance in a busy office.

Keep navigation simple and easy to use. The tried and trusted options may seem boring but they are trusted for a good reason. They’re intuitive and they work.

So, don’t be afraid to be boring. In most cases your website is simple a business tool and not a work of art. It must reflect your business’s image so, hopefully this will mean it should look elegant, but most importantly, it must be clear, easy to use, perform well and meet your business objectives.

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