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We look forward to a great New Year together

As we look forward to the New Year, we express our gratitude for the incredible work you’re doing to drive your mission forward.

The team at Route22 Limited thanks you for your support and wishes you and yours a happy holiday!

Happy Holidays with Peace and Joy

Happy Holidays from everyone at Route22 Limited. We hope your holidays will be filled with peace and joy.

Building a Crisis FAQ bot using Power Virtual Agents

“Building a Crisis FAQ bot using Power Virtual Agents,” brought to you by @msftnonprofits, shows how #nonprofits can use Power Virtual Agents from Microsoft to build crisis response bots during times of work-from-home mandates that help triage inbound inquiries, personalize outbound responses, and improve information sharing and collaboration. #Tech4Good #SocialImpact #DigitalTransformation @Microsoft-365 @Office365

Pivoting to Remote Work

An abrupt shift to 100% remote working doesn’t have to be a bumpy ride.

“Pivoting to Remote Work,” brought to you by @msftnonprofits, is a free set of courses designed specifically for #nonprofit organizations. These trainings will help you successfully transition to remote work and includes resources for Coronavirus mitigation. #Tech4Good #SocialImpact #DigitalTransformation @Microsoft-365 @Office365


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