Malware Articles

Fortify your data against threats

Data. Volumes of data inform #Microsoft security solutions every month. For example, over 18 billion Bing webpage scans are performed monthly—all to protect organizations and their people and data. Access this infographic to learn what other precautions Microsoft takes, and contact Route22 Limited for more information.

Overview of Microsoft Defender ATP

Seven pillars of security define #Microsoft Defender #AdvancedThreatProtection. Learn more about this integrated solution in the overview video below.

Protect yourself from email threats

Email remains the biggest threat to our safety online. You should never click links in emails unless you are entirely sure of where they will take you. Even though I am very aware of the dangers, in unguarded moments, I have inadvertently clicked malicious links. I...

PHP 5.2 and 5.4 end of support

Transcript of my one minute to CRX on Friday 27th October 2017 I am Paul Hooper and my company is Route22 Limited - we build websites Do you know what php is?    (Php , hypertext preprocessor - it's...

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