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IKEA empowers and engages its Firstline Coworkers with Microsoft Teams to support more great days of serving customers

IKEA looked to improve retail coworkers’ engagement and incorporate more environmentally conscious business practices. Watch this video to find out how they deployed Microsoft 365 to all 166,000 coworkers in order to support its sustainability efforts.

Enhance and automate the way you communicate with your customers. Learn more about bot integration for Microsoft Teams.

Knowing about your customer’s issues before a call or meeting can make the difference between keeping them satisfied or losing a contract. Follow Route22 Limited to learn how you can leverage #MicrosoftTeams, #AI, and #Bots to infuse your client-facing teams with the power of digital transformation.

Work remotely, stay secure

When your business moves to remote work, you need to stay protected from cyber-attacks. With #Microsoft security, you have best practices that help ensure the best protection.

Read this article and contact Route22 Limited to learn more.

Combi Terminal Twente accelerates shipping operations AI-trained AtBot in Teams

Digital transformation has evolved #CustomerService by allowing #automation to handle the easy issues, while people handle the complex ones. Watch this video to learn how global transport company Combi Terminal Twente (CTT) has successfully integrated #AtBot into #MicrosoftTeams to deliver always-on package tracking.


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