On Tuesday 5th April 2016 I was honoured to substitute for Matthew Baker of Local Link Publishing, publishers of the Caterham Link magazine, at the Caterham chapter of BNI. Here are the notes and a recording of my one minute presentation.

Nice to see you all again.

I’m Paul Hooper and my company is Route22 Limited

We build websites

I’m sure most of you are aware that a blog is a great thing to have on your website. It adds searchable content and means that your site gets regularly updated – These are both great for search engine ranking and getting visitors to come again.

I’ll bet most of you don’t think you have the time to regularly update a blog so you don’t have one.

But nearly all of you spend time to prepare your one minute for BNI every week. So why not post that to a blog?

If you don’t want to tidy up your notes for presentation, use a little app on your phone to record what you say and post that to your blog. That’ll impress people even more than a written post.

I’m Paul Hooper and my company is Route22 Limited

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