‘Quality is never an accident, it is always the result of intelligent effort’ — John Ruskin
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Content for Search Engine Optimisation

Content for Search Engine Optimisation

Almost every client I talk to about websites asks me what I will do about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). And almost every one of them takes no notice of my response. Search Engines like Google,  search and index text. They decide mainly on the basis of words whether or not your site will rank in their… Continue Reading

Windows 10

Having taken a deep breath and clicked the little white Windows symbol that had appeared near the clock in the bottom right of my screen, I expected this to initiate the upgrade, but I just got back a message telling me I’d be informed when the upgrade was ready. After 3-4 days, I received a message to say this was now the case. So I clicked the button to start the upgrade. Continue Reading

WordPress Development Spectrum

WordPress Development Spectrum

WordPress originated is a blogging tool for non-technical users but it has since grown into a powerful content management system (CMS) and website development tool. This article sets out to describe, very briefly and simply, the full spectrum of levels of involvement for website owners and web developers in the creation of a WordPress website.… Continue Reading

Content First Web Design

My one minute talk, given at CRX meeting on 28th November 2014 listen to ‘Content first Web design’ on audioBoom When I begin a web project, it is common for my client to want to discuss the design of the site: colours, logos, layout, etc. But, from a business perspective, the most important thing is not the design but the content: the… Continue Reading

This is excellent news!

For many months CryptoLocker has been a major and very frightening threat to everyone using email. Merely opening an attachment could cause all of you files to become encrypted, and your only way out would be to use your credit card (or bitcoins) to pay the criminal who did this to you, in the hope… Continue Reading

Clear, Simple & Easy to Use

listen to ‘Clear, simple and easy to use websites’ on Audioboo I went to Butlins with the grandkids last week. The kids loved it; including this big kid, but it did remind me of a few key points about Web design. In nearly all cases it’s best to keep Web pages clear and uncluttered, without… Continue Reading

Good web design and profitable web design are not mutually exclusive

Good web design and profitable web design are not mutually exclusive

A client of mine recently showed me an “Internet Success Strategy” from a marketing expert. This expert made many good observations about good web design such as:- “design of your website is absolutely critical” “combine good design skills, with good online marketing skills” “Clean, clear, simple design is vital” “simplicity helps sales” “you need to… Continue Reading

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